Our Services

Medical & Surgical

At Aylesbury vets we’ve invested in state of the art equipment including a digital x-ray machine, a dental suite, in house laboratory, an ultrasound machine and a fully equipped operating theatre so that we’re fully functional in many aspects of diagnosis and surgery. This enables us to diagnose and treat many conditions and ensures that your pet gets the best care and treatment available.

Our focus on your pet’s wellbeing whilst they’re being treated at the practice extends beyond just medical and surgical procedures and flows through all aspects of their care, including aftercare. One example is that we have separate cat and dog wards so as to minimise potential stress to your pet (this is a particular concern for cats when housed in the same wards as dogs – which is surprisingly common). Having separate wards enables us to provide your pet with the most suitable environment possible for a better recovery. We ensure that a member of our staff is always on hand to offer support and comfort to your pet the whole time they are within our practice.